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1. What type of website would you like?
A basic website with text and images
An e-commerce website (online shop)
A site with content management system
Any other advanced site with interactive feature
2. What sort of project is this?
New website for a new company
New website for an existing company
Replacement of an existing website
3. When would you like to give the site to go live?
As soon as possible
Within one month
Within 3 months
Within 6 months
4. Do you have a domain name?
5. Do you have a logo for your company?
No, I would like to design one
6. How many pages website would you like?
5 – 7 pages website (includes home, services, about us, contact us)
Please specify:
7. Do you have any similar websites in mind?
8. Are you able to supply pictures and contents for the website?
Both Yes
Both No
Only Contents
Only Picture
9. Is there any specific technology you want to use?
10. select additional features
Contact Form
Google Map Integration
Twitter, Facebook and other social bookmark links
XML Site Map
Picture Gallery
Flash Introduction
Flash Banner
Flash interactive buttons and menu
Video Integration (You Tube)
Website Visitors Counter
Discussion Forum
Payment Gateway (PayPal, Credit/Debit Card Payment)
News Section Dynamic (You can update and publish news from website control panel)
Event Section Dynaminc ( You can update and publish events from website control panel)
Content Management System (To update contents of the website from the control panel)
Secured Pages / Restricted Pages ( Will ask to login before someone view the contents)
11. How would you like to go about hosting?
I would like to use your hosting service
I’ll host with another company
12. What is your budget for this website?
13. Help us to understand you better. Tell about your company and business?
14. What is the purpose of building this website?
15. Please provide any additional information that might help us to quote for the project?
 I declare that, I wish to be contacted by Ingence Technologies Ltd. for its products and services.